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Anyone who has embarked on the journey of building a business understands that it can demand everything you have, and more.  It begins with a flash of inspiration, then a surge of energy, followed by years of exhausting hard work that is strangely fulfilling. You start every day as the designer of your fate, the captain of a startup navigating toward success! In the process, you discover the unique path to monetizing your vision. You knew there would be challenges, but you also had faith that it would work. As you began, you experienced the uncertainties, risks, and complications of being in business and specifically, being an employer. Some entrepreneurs are driven to the brink of extinction by the endless non-mission-specific complications of being an employer.

You need people to multiply your efforts and scale your business, but the business of being an employer is often unexpectedly complex. Most, at the outset, have no concept of the time, energy, and risks of employing people. HR compliance regulations have tripled in the last 30 years, as have mandated reporting, tax rules, and litigation. Worse still, the good fortune of company growth often brings increased HR complexity and risk. This combination can thwart momentum, distract the budding company from its vision, and even wear the principles down until they question the viability of pursuing their dream.


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