Insperity: Giving HR The Human Touch

From pre-acquisition to strategic execution and everything in between.

As a small or medium-sized business, you face many obstacles. Some days, it probably seems like the minute one problem is solved, another rears its ugly head. And as the captain of the ship, all the responsibility falls on you.

Paul Sarvadi knows this, because he’s been there too. In the process of founding and building his own enterprise he contended with a never-ending string of crises, challenges, setbacks, and upheavals as he worked to get his business off the ground. But from the very start, here was one fact he trusted, above all else. And that was the knowledge that in order to thrive, his company would have to get one thing right: their employees.

“Even when nothing else seems to be going your way,” says Sarvadi, “your employees—your team—is your guiding light. And focusing on them becomes your North Star, propelling you toward greatness.”

Guiding Your Company Towards Its Highest Potential

Today, this philosophy informs every service Insperity provides, including:

  • Evaluation of leadership and staff of potential acquisitions,
  • Talent hiring and retention,
  • Employee benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance,
  • 401(k) plans,
  • Payroll processing,
  • HR administration,
  • Workers’ compensation,
  • Development of healthy work-life balance,
  • Regulatory compliance, and
  • Ensuring alignment between an organization’s goals and its HR strategy.

These essential, though often neglected elements, bolster the valuation of a company. In fact, a study on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work found that the best companies were consistently valued higher, retained more of their value in economic downturns, and recovered more quickly. Insperity’s HR services can help private equity firms standardize HR across their portfolio companies as well as their own organizations.

This reduces costs and risk, while freeing management to focus on business strategy and execution.

“Our goal isn’t just to provide HR services,” Sarvadi says. “Our goal is to help businesses succeed.” Insperity assesses portfolio companies to make sure their HR strategy aligns with the PE firm’s objectives. Sarvadi adds: “In this way, we help them reach financial objectives, maximizing
value while minimizing risk. If that’s not what private equity’s about, I don’t know what is.”

Whether you’re building, buying or operating a company, you start with the financials, and numbers are driven by people executing their work every day. Insperity is an independent party that can make an objective assessment. Often a company’s stated policies and practices differ from how things really operate.

Insperity Fast Facts

• Founded: 1986 in a 600-square-foot office
• Headquarters: Kingwood, Texas
• Publicly listed on the NYSE, current ticker symbol NSP
2022 revenue: $5.9 billion
• Number of employees: 4,000, in over 90 locations
• Number of businesses served: Over 100,000
• Range in size of customers: From five to 5,000 employees
• Contact:

We needed HR oversight to help ensure compliance with employment laws. We also wanted our employees to have big-company benefits without the administrative burden of managing our own plans. By using Insperity, our HR is run efficiently and smoothly, and StoneCalibre can focus on what we do best.

Mike Drury
CFO and portfolio manager of StoneCalibre, Los Angeles

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