Values Drive Resiliency

This past year we have all been through a variety of traumatic experiences both individually and collectively. During challenging times, we pause and reflect on what we’ve experienced and what we value. As I think about the enormity of the obstacles we faced and continue to face, I want to remind business leaders to focus on the most positive factor helping us rise above the challenges: their employees. They have and continue to demonstrate resiliency and dedication to each other, their communities and companies that is unmatched.

For employees to continue being engaged and productive, business leaders and owners should look to their company’s culture. A clearly defined and reinforced culture provides the support employees need to continue moving forward. Now is the time to reflect on your culture and how it can be strengthened as we gradually transition back to the workplace.

At year’s end, I thought about the bedrock values of Insperity’s culture and how well it supported Insperity employees throughout the past year. Some of the ways our employees embodied that culture are by

  • Showing integrity by pivoting immediately to remote work, and not missing a beat, supporting and meeting the intense needs of clients, employees, and families.
  • Demonstrating respect for the worth of the individual, helping clients address emotional needs of their employees experiencing isolation from stay at home orders, and providing diversity, equity and inclusion support in the midst of social unrest.
  • Setting the example of servant leadership and teamwork as they assumed more responsibilities, supported one another, and put the needs of others ahead of their own.
  • Adhering to high standards and the pursuit of excellence through client service, thought leadership and careful, measured work despite challenging conditions
  • Continuing to embrace accountability to elevate performance for clients and the public
  • Creating new innovations to drive success: identifying new ways of working, stronger cross-communication, speed of execution and always asking how can they do better
  • Embracing change throughout by working remotely, wearing masks to keep others safe, adopting new technologies and addressing customer challenges
  • Contributing to their communities, virtually, in-person, individually and organizationally

2020 was an extraordinary year, and 2021 promises to be equally so but with brighter days ahead. It is the continued perseverance and faith of our teams which leads me to be so optimistic about our future.

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