HR Technology Decisions – Insperity Can Help

In 1986, the extent of our HR technology was a push button phone.  Over our 36-year journey, Insperity has grown with technology advancements that now facilitate our HR administration of hundreds of thousands of client employees.  Our rise to being the premier professional employment organization in America is due in part, to effective application of HR technologies.      

HR technologies improve data quality and reduce administrative risk by consolidating, organizing, and securing essential employee information in a central store.  They can coordinate HR functions, ensure policy compliance, simplify processes, and support decision making.  Manager and employee self-service functions allow access to employee records and enable information management without having to engage an HR associate.   

It should be remembered however, that HR is a human endeavor which requires a human touch.  HR systems should enhance, not replace, personal manager/employee engagement and the development of trust relationships.   

Whether starting new or expanding existing HR systems, here are a few considerations: 

  1. Think human capital strategy first.  Weigh technology choices against your overall people strategy.  Each application should enhance your HR direction and company culture. 
  1. Prioritize functionality.  Technology investments may be hefty, especially in the beginning.  You may need to spread your system development incrementally over multiple budget cycles. 
  1. Select reputable vendors.  Whether buying and managing your own technology, or employing a software with a service option, make sure your vendor offers expert system support and thorough training for your users.    
  1. Process restructuring.  Automation will replace or change many processes and procedures.  Be prepared, process changes and their associated retraining can present challenges. 
  1. Budget for on-going expenses.  Be sure to understand the recurring expense profile of your new system including maintenance, upgrades, user licenses, training, and security.   
  1. Buy what you will use.  Investing in computing power that never gets used is a tremendous waste of resources.  You may want to grow your system gradually to ensure the capabilities can be assimilated.  Also, managers will not be happy if they perceive that all they’re getting from your new system capabilities is more work. 

Insperity can help you analyze your HR system needs so that you can focus your time and talent on winning in the marketplace. 

For more on maximizing the benefits of HR technology, get the book: Paul Sarvadi, (2019) Take Care of Your People, The Enlightened CEO’s Guide to Business Success, ForbesBooks. 

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