How to achieve better business outcomes

At Insperity, we intentionally build a strong workplace culture and foster a sense of belonging among employees through our values-based, culture-driven, people-centric approach. These prevailing elements spark remarkable resilience when even the most difficult challenges emerge.

How do we apply this strategy to real issues facing our business? Our proven culture methodology fuels four crucial business outcomes – team creativity, collaborative culture, alignment, and discretionary effort – that help us conquer moments of challenge.

Like every business, Insperity navigates different seasons in business caused by workplace trends, internal strategy shifts or social, political and economic factors. While these seasons often fuel our growth, they can be demanding. Time and time again, I have seen our employees tackle challenges in these various seasons head-on. Our employees make a habit of rising above the chaos of the moment to do their jobs and do them well.

This is possible because we harness the four business outcomes. Here’s how.

Team creativity: Our employees get creative when solving problems. The diversity of thought within our company generates better ideas. When our teams rely on their creativity, it improves innovation and overall company performance.

Collaborative culture: A collaborative culture exists when everyone in the group is on the same page, working together toward the same goal. During challenging times, the heightened need for a sense of belonging allows us to focus on helping our clients and our communities – together.

Alignment of values: The values of our employees often align with the Insperity values, so challenges tend to become family matters in addition to business matters. As a result, employees work harder and are more committed to bringing their best to the workplace.

Discretionary effort: When employees feel like they belong with an organization, they’re more willing to put forward extra effort. Our employees go above and beyond to demonstrate this organizational citizenship behavior by spending extra time to help clients and their peers.

As I see our company achieve these four business outcomes, I look back to our strategic approach. What makes it possible is a philosophy deeply embedded in our culture: We call it Commonality, Equality and Cohesion, or CEC, and it builds upon the original unifying goals of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

CEC aims to create a work environment where employees of all backgrounds value and appreciate each other as a natural outcome of their interactions. This approach drives the results of these four business outcomes and provides an incredible advantage to Insperity in challenging times.

So, while Insperity is the ultimate HR solutions provider, we are also leaders in implementing this philosophy to successfully achieve better business outcomes.

Learn more about this philosophy in my new book, co-authored with Dr. Eli Jones: Making Differences Work – A New Values Based, Culture Driven, People Centric Approach to Achieving Commonality, Equality, Cohesion, and Business Performance.


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