The key to a sense of belonging: Commonality, Equality, and Cohesion

The priorities of today’s workforce are changing. Employees are searching for purpose and belonging from their workplace and many leaders are discerning how to meet this need.

Wouldn’t it be great if every employee felt connected and appreciated as a natural outcome of their interactions with each other? To achieve this at Insperity, we embrace a unique philosophy called Commonality, Equality, and Cohesion, or CEC.

This concept of CEC is a values-based, culture-driven, people-centric approach that fosters a greater sense of belonging. We achieve CEC by emphasizing what employees have in common (Commonality), what opportunities and rewards all employees have (Equality), and what brings people together (Cohesion).

Cultivating a sense of belonging is one way to meet employee expectations of finding purpose in today’s flexible workplace. With the rise of remote and hybrid work in the past several years – for example, at Insperity, the vast majority of our workforce is in a hybrid, outside sales, or full-remote role – the backdrop has changed.

To succeed in this environment, leaders need to take an intentional look at employee engagement and culture within their organizations. CEC can help.

While Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a good starting point to address these goals, CEC takes it one step further. Like two sides of the same coin, CEC goes beyond a purely programmatic approach. CEC is rooted in strong values, is intentional about culture and holds fast to the idea that every person has the potential to have a positive impact.

CEC turns your culture and values into your competitive advantage. It helps to enhance team performance, attract top talent, spur innovation, and form a cohesive high-performing workforce aligned with your company’s mission and goals. It leads to a healthier and more prosperous organization.

I see CEC as the additive – like the oil in an engine – that makes your entire organization run smoother, faster, and better. As we weave CEC into the fabric of our culture at Insperity, we achieve better business outcomes. We empower our employees to become more resilient, embrace change, find opportunities, and function as a strong, unified team.

This powerful shift in thinking is an important business strategy. It is our roadmap at Insperity, and I believe it can be the right solution for your organization, too. Not only can you achieve the original unifying goals of DEI, but you can propel your company toward success on all levels. How does your company demonstrate Commonality, Equality, and Cohesion today?

Learn more about this philosophy in my new book, co-authored with Dr. Eli Jones: Making Differences Work – A New Values Based, Culture Driven, People Centric Approach to Achieving Commonality, Equality, Cohesion, and Business Performance.


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